Our consulting model is aimed at small-, medium- to large-sized companies, that plan to enter the European  Market.

We, at Easy Premium, have been working with various European companies for a long time. From our experience we know that the existing market entry approaches have limited advantages.

This is why we provide a new option, called ‘assisted market entry’. It enables you to keep full control over your operations at a reasonable cost.

Assisted market entry means providing you with a full range of services directly in Europe market and allows you to focus on your core business at a fraction of the typical cost.

We are aware that every company has unique requirements. Should you be interested in special infrastructure or tailored services, we are glad to assist you. Our services cover every aspect a business requires when entering a new market. The services we can offer range from simple infrastructural tasks to complex marketing strategy and also managed sales operations. It is our priority to help our customers to avoid classic mistakes made when entering a new market. After many years of trading and operating, we have gathered experience in various fields an built strong relationships with partners and operations, that will help us successfully manage a market entry for a new company.